The work, the mission


The work done by the Anami Institute consists in receiving, protecting and rehabilitating large primates. The same cares are extended to other species such as parrots, macaws, toucans, spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys, deer and turtles, also coming from mistreatment situations, from the entertainment industry and apprehension from illegal trafficking by the competent authorities –  the Brazilian Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources Institute (IBAMA), the State of Paraná Water and Land Institute (IAT) and the Environmental Police.

With large facilities capable of receiving species from the native and exotic wild fauna, the Institute provides all its inhabitants with a tranquil and protected life. Surrounded by native vegetation, the facility also harbors in its perimeter a number of free-living native species, looking for food and a safe environment for their reproduction, a true sanctuary for Brazilian fauna.

Currently, approximately 500 animals live in the Institute, among which chimpanzees. Regrettably, many of these great apes spent many years of their lives confined in deteriorated cages, in total solitude, deprived of social coexistence with other chimpanzees and without the minimum conditions for a healthy life. These events that leave deep physical and psychological traumas, require hard work and high levels of dedication and perseverance.

Our mission and our struggle is for the rehabilitation of each individual primate and its integration with other individuals of the same species, since re-socialization is fundamental for the recovery of these individuals that, for some reason, will never be able to return to nature.

The Institute also is dedicated to maintaining and reproducing species of the native fauna, with the objective of helping in conservation programs. Its perimeter is the destination for release into the wild of many animals apprehended by environmental agencies.